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Archive Benefit Sale

$25.00 / Sold Out

As we all make our way through this difficult and uncertain time some of us are being hit harder than others. A good friend of ours not only lost her job due to the immediate shutdown of her work, but this past Wednesday her husband experienced a seizure while driving, requiring his hospitalization and totaling their only vehicle. This unexpected incident is making an already strained situation worse as its leaving them with no current income and a surplus of bills (both medical and otherwise).

In an effort to help them stay afloat and pay some bills we are digging deep into our archive and releasing a limited amount of prints that some of our clients have generously allowed us to sell.

Most all prints are limited to 1 or 2 copies. Whatever is not sold by Friday 3/27 will be taken down. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS FROM THIS SALE WILL BE DONATED.
Please select the print you would like in the drop down men, PRICES VARY PER PRINT. If you choose the mystery print for $25.00 we will send you a randomly selected print from our archive.